Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Bewilderment Industry

We aren’t writing about the investigations into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann or any possible suspects: we don’t want to prejudice a legal process that is working in a most satisfactory way.

What the MSM, led by the BBC, revealed about themselves in 2007 was that they had genuinely lost the ability to tell truth from fiction.
That, rather than the monopoly corruption  and their open-legged surrender to special interests,  is the reason the entire industry in its present form deserves to die. And by the MSM we don’t mean the joke villains like Murdoch or the BBC governors, so beloved of the internet plotters' and losers' club, but the people at the heart of the corruption and  self-deception – the journalists themselves and the editors that the journalists become. Journalists like the supposedly hard-nosed Alastair Campbell, (also Blair's "irreplaceable" spin mechanic)  whose latest diary reveals that for over ten years  until 2014 he believed without reservation that Lance Armstrong, whom he befriended,  was completely truthful and honest.  Being an uncouth bully does not mean you are hard-nosed.  
It was the Madeleine McCann Affair that revealed the extent of the MSM’s fall  when  they lapped up the lies that the McCann family told them, all of them spelled out by the Bureau for years but still never mentioned in the MSM, and then acted as though it didn't matter whether the couple were telling the truth or not. The whole Affair could be played as a game:  sceptical news about the couple on page one, favourable comment on page 10, day after day, week after week,  in which the public - the people who financed them - were just passive instruments. Which is what the PR industry - which had hollowed out the MSM like those wasps that lay their eggs to hatch and feed on living insects - had always believed. 
It was, as we said then, a Death Ride. No industry with any confidence or real belief in its role or  future  would have chosen such a madly self-destructive path.
And it was this vile betrayal of the public that earned the MSM our absolute and undying hatred and contempt. Now, nearly a decade later, their inability to analyse, interpret or understand themselves or what is going on around them has been revealed to the wider public by their utter bewilderment and disarray at Brexit and now Trump, the two biggest stories of the last half-century.
That is why it’s been an extraordinary pleasure  to read the reactions of this horrible, discredited but above all bewildered bunch to Donald Trump’s election. You can try and sell many things in the news industry - Hillary Clinton, hotels that bribe you with ski holidays, restaurants opened by friends, fear,  dodgy share tips, transgender upbringing hints, Lance Armstrong -  but the one thing you can't sell is bewilderment.
The UK Guardian’s coverage has been the best:  acres of tearstains followed by an appeal for funds from its readers because the paper is broke.
Good. Keep on dying with the rest of them. Painfully.