Friday, 9 December 2016

No Choice - the McCann Way

**The McCanns' spokesman is briefing  on the Grange investigation in ways which could be harmful  to the course of justice. Until he and his clients cease to do so then we'll point them out.**

"Can you imagine what would have happened if ...

In the week following May 3 2007  Kate and Gerry McCann did two things.
  1. They claimed explicitly and publicly that they supported the police investigation.  
  2. They began anonymously spreading poison about the police investigation using proxies.

"...we’d announced to the journalists heading for Huelva...  

When the PJ began developing lines of investigation that the parents might describe as "unhelpful", they moved on and developed an elaborate and well-funded system for briefing the British public against the PJ. In order to reduce the chances of  being found out - for what they were doing was illegal - they used the coaching provided by PR man Alex Woolfall to set up a highly structured and complex mode of news management. 

"...that the police were coming to do some forensic work in our villa?"

Journalists at the Leveson inquiry described  the way that a “code” was developed by which the journalists, but  not the public,   would know that certain information came from Mitchell on behalf of the McCanns, even though it was usually claimed to come from elsewhere. At the end of each story Mitchell would be identified and  pretend to be “responding” (to the stuff that the McCanns had fed or invented!) on behalf of Kate & Gerry McCann.

“Today was a bit of a write off for me...

In May 2011 Scotland Yard set up an "investigative review" into the case in response to requests from the  McCanns. For the first few months the remnants of the McCann media team stayed quiet.
In early 2012 it emerged – via Goncalo Amaral in the first instance – that Scotland Yard, quite unknown to the McCanns, hadn’t been spending all their time marking the PJ nought out of ten for  “errors”   but were working hand in glove and “very amicably” with another, large and hand-picked, PJ team.  

" I was laid low with a probable viral illness...

 A week after the news, with all that it implied,  emerged and was confirmed by the Portuguese government, the McCanns’ Portuguese lawyers began spinning for the first time since 2008 in the Portuguese media, claiming – guess what? –  that it was a “new lead” that had emerged. Yep, a new lead. That was why the Portuguese squad had been created, they said.  There was no new lead.

"...which meant I could not stray too far from the house!”

In 2013 the Yard announced that they were moving from  the review phase into the investigation phase, although, in fact, it had, again unknown to the McCanns, already begun. At which point the wheels began to whirr and haven't stopped since.
Exactly the same techniques have been used by Clarence Mitchell on behalf of his employers, the McCanns, as were used in Portugal to destroy the credibility of the original investigation: overt support for Grange by the couple combined with covert fabricated or embroidered stories about either “new leads” or “difficulties”.

"We’d never lied about anything…But now we found ourselves in one of those...

They have continued to this day, although with noticeably diminishing skill, conviction and energy. At no time have the parents ever asked Mitchell to stop the  spinning.

"...tricky situations where we just didn’t seem to have a choice…"

Now come on readers, we know that the loonies look for ever more convoluted theories, more wheels within wheels - because, after all, it's fun.  But you don’t need them: none of us do. All you need to ask is why the McCanns have acted in precisely the same way with Operation Grange from 2013-2016 as they did with the PJ investigation in 2007/8. Then you'll find your bearings.